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boccalino 16.03.2008 01:36

Nice to meet you all
Hi everibody :).
I am a teacher working and living in the italian speaking part of Switzerland, the canton Ticino. I did'nt see many other members of this forum living in the same region. I hope I'm not the only one...
I teach history and geography. As a teacher I know how difficult it is to understend Switzerland and, even more, swiss people. They wery often can't understand themselves and/or eachother. In fact here in Ticino we wery often feel ununderstud from our connationals, or even forgotten, cast apart. I kan understand the way foreigners feel, coming to our country and feeling unsuitet tu the swiss way of life.
I beg your pardon in advance for my einglish: i wery often can't find the right word to the right moment for the right thing. Forget spelling, tha is a real nightmare. Hope you'll be indoulgent and patient with me.


Oldhand 16.03.2008 02:02

Re: Nice to meet you all
Hiya Boccalino, welcome to the site. Don't worry your English is understandable, whats more important is the quality of the content. Hope you find plenty of things to interest you here and don't forget to check the social thread for things going on in your area.:)

inseldk 16.03.2008 09:48

Re: Nice to meet you all
goodmorning and welcome to the EF.
Nice reading your post.
Wish you success and a nice weekend..
Regards from Bern.

Nathu 17.03.2008 13:42

Re: Nice to meet you all
Hi boccalino! There are a couple other native Swiss here but nobody from Ticino, I think. Looking forward to your contributions. :)

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