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segerton 16.11.2014 15:36

Novice runner seeking company

I have just started running again and would love to hear from other runners in and around Winterthur who I could link up with. I reckon there's probably a club or two but have no idea where they are. I'm taking it easy and not running much more than 3km at the moment but am thinking that I'd like to try a 5km or even a 10km run in the near future.



drkarthiks 16.11.2014 18:26

Re: Novice runner seeking company
Welcome to EF.

You could try posting this is the http://www.englishforum.ch/sports-fi...auty-wellness/ section or http://www.englishforum.ch/social-events/ section.

Good luck.

nickatbasel 16.11.2014 22:47

Re: Novice runner seeking company
May I suggest...for social running...



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