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kinosfronimos 06.05.2015 12:10

Greetings all! (again x2)
Hi Fellow Forumites! (again)

So somehow when I hit submit the first time, I got logged out and lost the whole introduction I had written. Maybe this makes the second one shorter... (This now third time, I at least copied the message before I hit submit... How short is the time out on this forum?!). Moving on...

As I shall be arriving to live in Bern from mid-July, I just wanted to introduce myself, as I will surely be seeking this community's advice (and hopefully offer some to others too).

I'm Swiss, but born in South Africa, so no visa issues etc.

I don't as of yet speak German, but will apply myself to picking it up right quick. I speak Afrikaans fluently, which helped me learn Dutch when I lived in Amsterdam for 6 months - so I have a foot in the language door. But I'll still need to search for (free/cheap) language courses/resources.

Job-wise, I'm an early-career academic (with another 10+ years in the professional field), in the areas of Physical Geography/Environmental Management/Mine Closure etc. I'm hoping to find an opportunity or two to guest lecture, as well as take up my PhD with a Swiss university (so any contacts/advice there is appreciated).

Otherwise I'm looking forward to all the cheeses and outdoors which CH offers, as well as seeing my extended family in Zurich, and meeting diverse and interesting people.

Any advice, comments, hellos or whatever are appreciated!

All the best,

Sbrinz 06.05.2015 12:20

Re: Greetings all! (again x2)
Welcome Kinos, hope you find what you are looking for here. July is a good time to find accommodation in Bern.

You could start with his website, https://en.comparis.ch/expat-umzug-schweiz.aspx

We have a dinner together on the first or second Tuesday each month, keep an eye on the EF events, and come along if you wish.

You could also read the latest version of Living & Working in Switzerland, it is full of information,


and for the real story about Switzerland, buy this too,


SOBEIT 06.05.2015 12:23

Re: Greetings all! (again x2)
Welcome and goodluck!

Medea Fleecestealer 06.05.2015 12:46

Re: Greetings all! (again x2)
Welcome to the forum. These links may also help:



Be warned though, it's not all roses for returning Swiss nationals.



Luzi0902 07.05.2015 18:45

Re: Greetings all! (again x2)
Hello and Welcome :)

Styger 08.05.2015 00:13

Re: Greetings all! (again x2)
Welkom by die forum!

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