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beejalsabnani 07.09.2015 12:57

Need Help!! Moving from Dubai to Lausanne
Hey Guys,

I'm new to the forum, and wanted to introduce myself and get some advise from all you experts in Lausanne.

We are a family of 3 - hubby, 3 year old daughter and myself
We are moving from the very hot and sunny desert Dubai to the very cold and wet Lausanne...exactly, we believe in extremes...:)

My hubby has accepted a job there. He will be arriving in last week of October and my daughter and myself will be joining him in End Nov

We have completely forgotten what winter is like, in Dubai winter means 20 degrees C, which i know is summer for you guys (incase you are wondering summer in Dubai is 48 - 50 degrees C)

So while we are all excited to move I'm a little concerned on the facing the winter
Please can you guys advise on what kind of winter clothing should I prep myself with, in particular for my little one, and which are the English speaking nurseries you recommend
  • Are there any speacial Jackets which are a must have ?
  • Should we buy Overcoats - Wool or something else is better
  • Are there special shoes we need, or leather boots will be sufficient ?
  • Does it snow often, Will we require snow boots ? or will we require waterproof shoes ?
  • I dont want to overload my closet but I dont wanna come unprepared
  • Are thermals very essential ?

I look forward to hearing from you guys, would love to connect with you when we are there !!

Cheers, B

donpiedro 07.09.2015 13:09

Re: Need Help!! Moving from Dubai to Lausanne
You make it sound like you are moving to the North Pole!!

Haven't seen any polar bears in Lausanne yet though :msngrin:

plm987sdf 07.09.2015 13:19

Re: Need Help!! Moving from Dubai to Lausanne
I think your thinking the weather is worse then it is. I moved from Dubai also to Schaffhausen, which is north of Zurich and the winter has been nothing compared to what I had in Toronto, Canada where I grew up.

Do you have a forwarding company for your stuff? I can suggest a company which was reasonable and top quality service in dubai. You can PM if you want.

I found if the snow falls (it didn't in schaffhausen in 2014) then it melts in a short while. Don't get visions of mountains of snow in the big cities. That happens in the mountains only.

Mullhollander 07.09.2015 13:21

Re: Need Help!! Moving from Dubai to Lausanne
It's important to keep your feet warm and dry. For Lausanne, the Sorel Caribou boot should work for most of the year, but probably should have the something like the Glacier boot handy if the storms of November come early:


beejalsabnani 07.09.2015 13:39

Re: Need Help!! Moving from Dubai to Lausanne
Guys thanks a ton for revert...appreciate it.

I giggled on your revert of northpole.. believe me after spending 10 years in the desert anything close to zero degrees is almost like the north pole.

Appreciate for the comic relief !!


dasi 07.09.2015 21:53

Re: Need Help!! Moving from Dubai to Lausanne
Hi and welcome to Lausanne!

I will warn you that it is not as cold or rainy as you've been warned. In fact, this summer we had several weeks of well over 30 degree weather. Not Dubai, but no air conditioning, either!

The winter is not that bad - especially in Lausanne. Also, you don't need to prepare that much. In the end, you're moving to Switzerland - they have stores here with a lot of winter stuff :)

October shouldn't be very cold yet and for sure, no snow, so you'll have time to get what you need when you feel the need. Bring a good coat or at least a mediocre one and get a good one here. To save some dough, drive an hour to either Pontarlier or Annemasse in France and pick up amazing winter gear at very low prices at Decathlon (a French sports store chain). You will want to have some waterproof shoes for the rainy days (rubber boots or hiking boots) and some winter shoes for the snow (mainly when you travel from Lausanne), but again, you can get that here. An umbrella comes in handy, as well :)

If you have small children, something you may not be accustomed to is a sleeping bag in the stroller. Everyone here has them.

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