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adia 01.11.2015 15:31

Biel Bienne
Hello everyone,

I'm a female in my 20's and I have been living in Biel for a year now. I was wondering if you guys know of any groups, events, english bookclub, meetups for young expats in biel? I know it sounds a little too late but it's only now that I realize how the language barrier is not going away. I think my german is improving but I still have a long way to go. It would be really nice to meet new people who are open and chill and maybe also going through the same thing like me ;)

Hope everyone is having a nice day!


Medea Fleecestealer 01.11.2015 17:06

Re: Biel Bienne
Welcome to the forum. :)

SOBEIT 01.11.2015 22:05

Re: Biel Bienne
Welcome and enjoy.

deepti2501 31.05.2016 00:24

Re: Biel Bienne
Hi Adia,

I just moved to Biel this week. Would love to meet up with some new people in the city :-) I am a female, just moved from Germany because of a new job.

Let me know if you want to catch up for a coffee some time :-)


Sbrinz 31.05.2016 10:48

Re: Biel Bienne

Originally Posted by adia (Post 2477282)
..... I was wondering if you guys know of any groups, events, english bookclub

There is an English book club in Berne, at the big Stauffacher shop, just 200 meters east of the main railway station.

They meet on the first Wednesday of each month, so tomorrow at 19:00


Diccon Bewes, the author, runs it. http://www.dicconbewes.com/

and on June 14th you are welcome to join us at our monthly dinner, http://www.englishforum.ch/calendar....=2016-6-14&c=1

Octav 23.12.2018 15:28

Re: Biel Bienne
Hi there,
We are also new in town. It would be great to meet some friends.

SarcasmXXL 23.07.2019 13:35

Re: Biel Bienne
Same here, we just moved to Nidau and will be happy to meet new people. Thanks

Guest 23.07.2019 15:05

Re: Biel Bienne
Howdy, former Biennoise here, moved away last year, after 30yrs there.

I used to be a committee member of the English Club Biel, admittedly nowadays it is mostly middle aged to elderly members.

I tried to check out the programme on the website unfortunately it hasn't been actualised in some time......but do call the lady listed as president. She is really helpful and might tell you when and where the next gathering is. Might be a start to get to know people.

Sadly, since the last Pickwick Pub closed a few years ago there is no watering hole for Expats as such anymore. Biel used to sport 5 pubs in the 90's and you could be certain to hear English spoken often in any one of them.

Bern is only a 25 Minute train ride away and offers much more for English speaking people.might also be worth checking out

zuzi666 25.07.2019 23:26

Re: Biel Bienne
I would recommend going on first fridays in the city, enter bars with concerts and meet people. you will meet a lot of foreigners there. all british peole working for my company are there every friday.

Guest 25.07.2019 23:53

Re: Biel Bienne
If you have young kids there is a group called English speaking parents in Biel Bienne on Facebook. The group meets once a week.

We could also organize a meet-up.

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