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Crazy Husky Lady 14.03.2017 02:38

Moving to the Villars in July
Hello, due to my Husband's work, we will be moving in (or by) the Villars in July. We also have a husky. I guess I am just curious as to hearing what people think of the area? I do like to walk my dog a lot, also wondering how Switzerland is in terms of being dog friendly? Or any other customs I should know about? I have read through some of the dog posts here and their laws/regulations.

Overall, how is the weather in the summer? What kind of food/restaurants are okay? Overall how was your experience in this area? And did you like it?
I have also heard that people are more reserved, which is great for my husband, but I am a bit more socially friendly.

Anyway thanks in advance! Looking forward to a new adventure :)

Sbrinz 14.03.2017 09:35

Re: Moving to the Villars in July
Hello and welcome to our Forum.

There are many places named Villars here, which one do you like?


Generally Wikipedia is a good source of information about Switzerland,


and mySwitzerland is good for tourist information,


We are happy to answer specific questions, but I am not going to teach you things that are already on the Internet.

Crazy Husky Lady 15.03.2017 05:29

Re: Moving to the Villars in July
I guess I should have been more specific. :msntongue: It was Villar-Sur-Ollon. I have google, and research the area but would love to hear more about people's experiences with the area :)

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