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Mark Richards 29.10.2017 21:37

Information on migrating and working.
Good day all,

Pleasure to be part of this community. This site was recommended by a friend of mine , so i am giving it a try.

To formally introduce myself , my name is Mark. I live in the West Indies on a small island called Trinidad which makes up part of the Caribbean. I am a Systems Engineer II at a company called Fujitsu for the past 3 years and some mths.

I enjoy a wide range of activities mostly outdoor ones, to name a few Crossfit, Camping , Hiking , Spearfishing , Trail Running , Adventure races, Photography and Travelling.

I am looking for any information on the process of migrating and working in Switzerland. Any information or guidance would be greatly appreciated, and also if anyone can shed some light on how difficult the process is.

Thank you all in advance , look forward to your replies.



Medea Fleecestealer 29.10.2017 21:45

Re: Information on migrating and working.
Welcome to the forum, Mark. :)

It won't be easy. As a non-EU national you'll have to find a Swiss employer willing to go do the time and expense of applying for a permit for you. They also have to prove they can't find a Swiss/EU national who could do the job.


You need to have a university degree as well as several years' experience.

Unless you can find an employer, it won't happen. Are there any internal company transfers with Fujitsu here that you could try for?

Only other ways are if you're married to a Swiss/EU national or in a registered same-sex partnership with one.

Mark Richards 29.10.2017 21:52

Re: Information on migrating and working.
I do have a first Degree in Information Technology and over 7 years experience in the IT field.

But i understand what you are saying, i guess i will have to start applying for jobs or as you said apply within the company.

Thanks a mil for your help and advise. Greatly Appreciated :msnsmile:

Medea Fleecestealer 29.10.2017 21:56

Re: Information on migrating and working.
You're welcome Mark and good luck. It can be done, but you'll need persistence.

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