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FILA 21.02.2018 13:39

Moving to Fribourg/Murten area

Will be moving to Switzerland in the end of April to Fribourg/Murten area.

I will start working in the beginning of May. And tips to do the paperwork, there many confused info in the forum.

What should be step 1,2,3 ...? I have "reserved" a little new 2.5 apartment near, I am going to see it only when I arrive ... need an insurance for that also ... and medical .... Permit

Get also sort out (insurances) before my arrival? Than If i liked the house, ask for the permit, open bank account .... does it sounds well?

Anyone selling furnisher? before I do a visit to Ikea ...

If anyone lives near , I will be delighted to have a pint or two and know a little more about Switzerland and the surroundings ....

Thank you

FILA 21.02.2018 13:40

Re: Moving to Fribourg/Murten area
Sorry with the _____ used google to check for grammar :(

sva 21.02.2018 17:07

Re: Moving to Fribourg/Murten area

Normally the steps after the employment contract are :

01. Get Permit
02. Sign rental contract for apartment
03. Register at the commune
04. Finalise health insurance provider / policy within three months of arrival

.....and, you're done with the legal stuff, and can get on with life. :)

FILA 21.02.2018 17:10

Re: Moving to Fribourg/Murten area
Thanks ...

So much paperwork... ;)

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