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Luther 03.11.2018 23:04

Moving to Lausanne
Hi everyone,

we are considering to move to Lausanne from Windsor in the UK. It's me, my wife and my 5 years old daughter.

I have a few questions and would be great to got advice:

1) What is the best area to live for families (we have a budget up to 3.500 CHF for renting). Please also consider I run almost everyday so would be live in a place where I can keep my daily routine.

2) My daughter started reception this year and we would like she continues to attend a British school or alternatively an English school. Any advice? What is the cost/year

3) In the UK we have Cigna International as Health insurance. Can we try to keep it or do you recommend a different one. The idea is to have an insurance with a good coverage.

4) We love eating well and love eating fish and organic food. Are there fishmongers in Lausanne and generally where do you recommend to buy groceries.

5) As we will be new to the city, is it difficult to socialise and make new friends?

Thank you in advance


roegner 03.11.2018 23:17

Re: Moving to Lausanne
Welcome and have a look around here, lots of questions answered.

What is "reception" that your daughter started??

You can run almost anywhere in Switzerland, you do have those mountains though :D

TheSpouse 04.11.2018 16:22

Re: Moving to Lausanne
Hi, Luther, and welcome to the forum and to Lausanne.

The international schools in and around Lausanne, which are taught in English, are very expensive. They are around 35k per year. If your company is not paying for this, you should consider putting your daughter in the local, (very good), school system. Your child will be speaking like a native in two years.

If 25 to 50k is fine with you, there are many, many threads on this forum about the various international schools in Lausanne. Just use the search function up in the right hand corner.

The regular grocery stores are called Coop and Migros. You can go on their websites and see what is on offer.

Lots of families live in Pully and Lutry. Not so many live directly in the town center.

Medea Fleecestealer 04.11.2018 19:08

Re: Moving to Lausanne
Welcome to the forum. :)

1) Bear in mind that Lausanne is on a hillside so if running up isn't you're thing you might have to look along the lakeside which will be quite expensive rental-wise. Have a look at these websites to get an idea of what's available in your price range.


Note that kitchen/bathrooms/others don't get included in the room count so an ad that says 3 rooms will likely be a living room and 2 bedrooms, 3.5 a combined living/dining room and 2 bedrooms for example.

2) As said, international schools are expensive so that may govern where she goes to school. You can always help her English by reading to her at home, etc, if she goes into a public school.

3) You'd need to check if your insurance policy is accepted here in Switzerland. Most aren't, so you likely need to get Swiss health cover. You can play around on comparis.ch to see what would be the best plan for you.


The way the Swiss system works is each person has their own cover, if you're working more than 8 hours a week then your employer has to provide accident cover so you don't need to include it in your insurance. If you don't work then make sure this is added when taking out a policy.

Franchise range from CHF300 to CHF2,500 and this is what you would pay out of your own pocket for any medical costs before the insurance kicks in. Having a high or max figure usually means lower premiums and vice versa, but if you have existing conditions you might want to have a lower franchise and spend more on the premiums. Once you've spent your franchise (if you do during a year) the insurance then picks up 90% of the cost while you pay the remaining 10% on the next CHF7,000 medical costs, i.e. you pay CHF700. After that, the insurance picks up the whole cost - until the start of the new year when it reverts back to the beginning with the franchise again.

Pre-existing conditions are not taken into account for basic health cover which is very good here btw, the insurance company must take you no matter what the condition is. However, if you want some kind of supplementary cover such as a private room if you go into hospital or some specialist treatments for pre-existing conditions not covered by the basic insurance, these can be refused.

Lausanne in a on lake, of course there are fishmongers. Major supermarkets are Migros and Coop, but also Aldi and Lidl are here, plus Denner which is owned by Migros, but does cheaper stuff.

Euphrasia 10.01.2019 11:45

Re: Moving to Lausanne
Welcome to the forum, love the username. Did you see the recent series?

Luther 10.01.2019 15:29

Re: Moving to Lausanne

Originally Posted by Euphrasia (Post 3028968)
Welcome to the forum, love the username. Did you see the recent series?

Big fan!!

henrikh 10.01.2019 15:56

Re: Moving to Lausanne
Re organic food, you can buy a limited range of organic food items in both Migros and Coop. The price is of course "Swiss".

There is a small shop in Lausanne called Le Topinambour selling organic products, we used to shop there a lot. But of course it's even more expensive than Migros/Coop.

Then I've realized that neighbouring France is like the "paradise" while Lausanne is almost like a "desert" from this perspective, so the next phase was start shopping in the huge supermarkets (selling only organic products) in France, like Satoriz or Biofrais.
If you're already there, it's worthwhile to visit one Carrefour supermarket.
The closest one to Lausanne (I think) is this one.
They're somewhat similar to big Coop and Migros stores, with a much more reasonable pricing. You can even do shopping there on Sundays! (Impossible in CH, apart from overpriced shops in train stations.)

Of course, it's better to go to these shops only if you have something to do anyway around Geneva (I had to go there often).

Euphrasia 10.01.2019 21:56

Re: Moving to Lausanne
I would say that produce from the markets here is really top-notch. We go to Rippone on Wednesdays and Saturdays for our vegetables and dairy.

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