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omtatsat 02.03.2019 16:54

Re: Moving back to Switzerland after 18 years

Originally Posted by WernerKB (Post 3046414)
Hello all:

I am thinking of moving back to Switzerland in January of 2020. I am Swiss and grew up in Auzelg near Zurich city I left when I was 11.

A little about me:

I left with my immidiate family to live in Brazil. I then went to the United States to study when I was 17 and finished a degree in social work. I work in a hospice now in NJ, it has been 7 years and its time for a change. I have a Brazilian wife and two kids. They are 2 and a newborn.

I speak Portuguese, English and My german is hoch deutsch and decent just need to speak it more and it will come back.

So for my questions.

I don't have work lined up and will try to apply for a few before going but don't expect to get anything before being in Switzerland. What can I expect for "Social assitance" Housing...income...etc I am thinking of going back to Zurich.

Work any advice on what I can find, where to look since german won't be strong until I am back for a little while?

Any other advice would be appreciated just I guess jumping into the deep end and see what happens.

I have a little money saved up, and some family in Zurich area.

Do a visit here first. Things have changed alot and you might be better off staying where you are.

doropfiz 02.03.2019 20:23

Re: Moving back to Switzerland after 18 years
I'd recommend you have a look at these standardised monthly budgets, as a starting point to understand the figures.

You and your wife should work hard to put everything in place for her future naturalisation. Many of the requirements towards naturalisation make sense as real help for living here and settling in and integrating. The paramount one of these is good command of the local Swiss language (and high German is fine, it doesn't have to be dialect), the next is understanding how things work in Switzerland. As a couple, you will be much happier here if not only you but also your wife can get on with everyday interactions in German. Her command of it would also, naturally, increase her chances of employment, later.

The umbrella website www.ch.ch contains a wealth of information about the systems here.

I commend you for starting out doing your research properly. Good for you!

About your qualifications (and those of your wife, if any), you might like to follow some of the tips here: https://www.englishforum.ch/3045764-post135.html
Although those suggestions were posted in a thread about nursing, the idea applies by analogy.

doropfiz 26.08.2019 16:03

Re: Moving back to Switzerland after 18 years
Congratulations, OP, on having received a job offer (saw that on your other thread).

Having gone back to read all your threads, OP, I think you are very likely to find other work to top up your 50% job. If you need to apply for Social Security benefits to tide you over, then so be it. Since your 50% job will cover the basics, you may find that you are not awarded any Social Security benefits, or that a only small segment is covered. Itís not a comfortable way to live, and you will not be well-off, to start with, that is certain. As soon as you work/earn more, you will receive correspondingly fewer benefits, and can gradually become independent of the Social Security office, with all its many stringent requirements of reporting back to them on what you do.

The Social Security office is responsible for ensuring that you have enough money for a very basic, low standard of living, but they are also supposed to provide immaterial help, to explain how things work here, and how you can find the services you need. In practice, those social workers are overworked, so the extent to which they can do that varies a lot. It can, however, be a useful resource for information, for example, about getting your children settled in school, and claiming any subsidies there may be for your medical insurance premiums.

You wrote that you spoke German in Zurich in your childhood (and as soon as you are in a German-speaking environment it is likely to come flooding back), but that this time will be going to live in Geneva. Can you remember any French from your Swiss school? In any case, Portuguese will help you as a basis for learning French.

I hope you find out whether you can do extra Swiss exams to get any part of your qualifications recognised. That, or getting a Swiss qualification, will improve your chances of a better salary.

In the meantime, you and your wife may find tips on finding work with no [recognised] qualifications in this bumper thread started by Kiwi2Swiss, who grew up in Switzerland, then spent decades in New Zealand, returned to Switzerland for a few years, and has since gone back to New Zealand.
The market is crying out for carers and nurse-aids (the lowest levels) which are types of work you might consider, since you come from a care-service background (albeit on another level).

The single most important thing you and your wife can do, now, to improve your prospects of increasing your earnings while living in Geneva (by being offered a higher % job with that same employer, or by adding another job, for you or for your wife): learn French, learn French, learn French.

As you start building your network, and with some support from relatives in this regard, and perhaps from Braslians and Americans in the area, and especially if you are willing to just about any kind of ethical and legal work, I think you could make it.

st2lemans 26.08.2019 16:06

Re: Moving back to Switzerland after 18 years

Originally Posted by omtatsat (Post 3047058)
Do a visit here first. Things have changed alot and you might be better off staying where you are.

Things haven't changed at all in the past 18 years! :eek:


msmaddymax 26.08.2019 17:47

Re: Moving back to Switzerland after 18 years

Originally Posted by WernerKB (Post 3046765)
My kids are Swiss by birth and are all registered in Glarus which is where I am registered. My wife also registered as married to me would come on a Visa and under "Family reunification" she would receive social assistance if that ended up happening. Per Swiss consulate in Atlanta GA.

Even if your wife is entitled, try to avoid her registering for social help, as it can negatively impact a C-permit and/or naturalization application. Try to keep any social support in your or your children's names only.

Good luck!

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