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malmostoso 31.07.2008 17:33

[out-roduction] Goodbye everyone!
Dear all,

after a few years in Switzerland (ok, no more bluffing, I was born in Ticino) it's time for me to get out and see a bit more of the world.

Keep up the good work in this forum, as it is an invaluable resource and a ton of fun.

I'll lurk and maybe post some more, if I have the time.
Goodbye everyone!

P.S.: I post here as there's not official goodbyes sub-forum :)

Guest 31.07.2008 18:26

Re: [out-roduction] Goodbye everyone!
I hope you have lots of exciting adventures and and barrels of laughs in the rest of the world. It's an alright place.

Off to Brussels, now, I presume?;)



Longbyt 31.07.2008 18:42

Re: [out-roduction] Goodbye everyone!
Sorry to see (hear?!)) you go. Get in touch from time to time. If you keep your Profile up to date, we can all stick pins in maps to remind us where you are!
Have a good journey wherever the fair winds take you. :)

malmostoso 01.08.2008 10:04

Re: [out-roduction] Goodbye everyone!

Originally Posted by HeatherM (Post 282141)
Off to Brussels, now, I presume?;)

Indeed :D

Thanks for the encouragement guys!

miniMia 01.08.2008 12:16

Re: [out-roduction] Goodbye everyone!
Good luck!! I loved living in Brussels & hope you do too!

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