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schrodingerswiss 01.03.2020 11:11

Moving and/or storage companies

We are moving from Finland (North Karelia) to Zürich in the following months. Our starting date is first of July, but before we want to visit our families in a third country in the south of Europe.

We are looking for freight / moving companies that do that route. We aren't planning to move a lot of furniture, just a couple of pieces and all the rest it's going to be boxes. No more than 5-6 m³. For that reason probably is going to be more interesting for us a freight company that rent volume in one of their lorries/semis.

Since we are going to be traveling in between we leave Finland and we start in Zürich, and we are planning to get a furnished apartment for the first months, we are looking to get a storage room somewhere in Zürich to store most of our stuff.

Anyone has any recommendation in those two areas?

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