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basel 28.04.2020 18:25

long time lurker
Hello everyone

Another long time lurker finally decided to join EF
in Switzerland since almost a decade and have visited EF almost every work day , this site is a nice distraction and also provides valuable information

Hoping to also contribute wherever i can

Guest 28.04.2020 21:05

Re: long time lurker
Hiya. Welcome.

3Wishes 28.04.2020 21:12

Re: long time lurker
Welcome to the Forum. :)

DunderMifflin 28.04.2020 21:16

Re: long time lurker

Pancakes 28.04.2020 21:21

Re: long time lurker
Hellooooooooooooooo :)

Medea Fleecestealer 28.04.2020 21:43

Re: long time lurker
Welcome to the forum lurker. :)

Rangatiranui 28.04.2020 21:45

Re: long time lurker
Hi- Welcome to the forum..
I feel like you know us already ;)

DantesDame 28.04.2020 22:07

Re: long time lurker
Welcome to Basel, from another Baseler


lost_inbroad 28.04.2020 22:35

Re: long time lurker
Hello and welcome to the forum.
Please give your employer a big thank you for allowing you to lurk these here premises. :)

basel 29.04.2020 09:48

Re: long time lurker
Thank you everyone for the warm welcome!

Rangatiranui, I kind of feel the same as well, but also feel like i'e been stalking all along :D

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