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neorion 04.05.2020 19:22

Multicultural nerds in Zurich

My partner and I moved to Zurich (Hongg) at the beginning of March and have been enjoying the area despite the challenges of the lockdown. We are Russian-American and Russian-UK, but I've also lived in many countries in the last decade (India, Rwanda, Bulgaria, US, UK). My husband is a scientist (at ETH) and I am an educator (currently wrapping up projects and looking for work). We like cooking, baking, crafting, art-making, and hiking. (We are currently trying to improve our batik-making skills :)) This forum has been greatly informative with lots of advice and suggestions, which we appreciate.

Wishing everyone good health and good cheer!

Medea Fleecestealer 04.05.2020 19:34

Re: Multicultural nerds in Zurich
Welcome to the forum and to Switzerland. :)

Axa 04.05.2020 20:05

Re: Multicultural nerds in Zurich
welcome to CH and the forum

Pancakes 04.05.2020 21:26

Re: Multicultural nerds in Zurich
Welcome! :)

lost_inbroad 04.05.2020 22:28

Re: Multicultural nerds in Zurich
Hello and welcome to the forum. :)

neorion 08.05.2020 23:20

Re: Multicultural nerds in Zurich
Thanks for the kind welcome, everyone!

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