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Monterey Jack 16.07.2020 22:55

Coming to Zug soon
Hello all!
I will be moving from the US in a couple weeks. I accepted a job in Baar earlier this year and my Visa just got approved. I致e been lurking here in the meantime and the forum is very insightful. I知 sure I値l have a few questions over the next few months!

I have to go into a 10-day quarantine upon arrival, in a temporary apartment in Zug. Do any local grocery stores have delivery service? I致e been advised to check with Coop.


doropfiz 17.07.2020 01:05

Re: Coming to Zug soon

For ideas to cope with quarantine, have a look at this thread (and the help to which it links):

Medea Fleecestealer 17.07.2020 06:32

Re: Coming to Zug soon
Welcome to the forum and soon to Switzerland. :)

NickGB 17.07.2020 06:52

Re: Coming to Zug soon
Welcome to the forum and soon to Zug! Yes the two big supermarkets (COOP and Migros) do home delivery. Note that Migros does not sell alcohol.

If you find yourself in a complete bind, I知 sure one of our forum members could also help out!

I知 also in Zug, so if you need any advice or have any questions please feel free to reach out.

meloncollie 17.07.2020 08:51

Re: Coming to Zug soon
Just be aware that delivery times can be slow, not the same-day service you might be used to back home. So you might consider bringing some staples with you, just in case.

Good luck with the move.

araqyl 18.07.2020 05:42

Re: Coming to Zug soon
Welcome to the EF & Switzerland! I hope you bring along some good books (or access to movies/tv shows) for the ten days, and come out relatively sane.

Yes, the two big supermarkets have delivery, as others have said.

There are other companies which also deliver special food, such as the British Cheese Centre for real cheese (and some other "essentials", like good beer and port) & the Pie Tribe for a range of genuine meat pies, with delicious, crisp pastry and amazing fillings.
Expensive, as many things are in Switzerland, but well worth the price as a special treat!

Monterey Jack 21.07.2020 00:45

Re: Coming to Zug soon
Thanks everyone for the welcomes and the information!

I値l be sure to read the other thread on grocery/food delivery options and try to get something set up before I arrive. And I値l see what staples I can bring through in my luggage. Or buy a bunch of chocolates at the airport :)


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