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gtrindade 16.11.2020 16:32

Hello everyone. Portuguese developer new to Zurich (Schwerzenbach)
Hello everyone.

My name is Gonšalo.
I am a Java Developer/Scrum Master from Lisbon, Portugal.

My girlfriend lives in Zurich (Schwerzenbach) and has I have been on home office since March (due to the evil Beer Bug) I have been dividing my time between Portugal and Switzerland.

I am planning to move permanently in February as soon as I find a Job.

My interest in the forum is not only to meet other Portuguese near Zurich but also other ppl with common interests (sports, gym, hiking, photography, tech, software development, gaming, D&D, etc.).

I will have some questions as well regarding:
  • IT Jobs - Best sites to look for Developer/Scum Master positions, English friendly companies
  • German classes - Best strategy for getting up to a C1 certification, Practice groups
  • A good Gym - Preferably also with facilities in locations other than Zurich (ppl tell me that Zug has a lot of IT positions)
  • A D&D table in English (for now Online and live after we defeat the evil Beer Bug)
  • Electric guitar lessons

I will be going through the forum to check if any of this questions are already answered but if you have time for a quick tip I would appreciate it.

Additionally, if any Portuguese member took your belongings from Portugal I need some tips on if it is worth the cost or if I should just sell my stuff and buy it again in Switzerland (non personal things like Bigscreen Tv, Bomby, etc).

Thanks in advance


Medea Fleecestealer 16.11.2020 16:46

Re: Hello everyone. Portuguese developer new to Zurich (Schwerzenbach)
Welcome to the forum. :)

araqyl 16.11.2020 18:24

Re: Hello everyone. Portuguese developer new to Zurich (Schwerzenbach)
Welcome to the forum! I can't help with many of your questions, but if you're after D&D then you should check out Swiss RPG on Discord, or their website or their Meetup group.

If you're after a different sport, you could check out underwater hockey. There are a few clubs around Switzerland, including two in Zurich. I play at Kloten pool most Thursday evenings from 19:30 - it's pretty safe in terms of catching bugs, since we play completely surrounded by disinfectant (chlorinated water) on the bottom of the pool.

Anyhow, welcome to the forum and soon to Switzerland! I hope you get a job soon.

gtrindade 21.11.2020 21:40

Re: Hello everyone. Portuguese developer new to Zurich (Schwerzenbach)
Thank you for tips everyone.


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