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debbiehairy 31.08.2008 17:36

Run to the hills (Basel)
I'm also coming to Basel in about 4 weeks from now...

I'm an outgoing Finnish woman who's leaving the hectic life in Amsterdam behind (where I've lived the last 11 years) and looking for new challenges in Basel. I'm bringing along my Swiss husband who grew up in Basel but hasn't lived there for about 13 years. So we are both kind of newcomers to the swiss life.

I don't speak german yet. My dutch is ok and I'm hoping that'll help me at least a bit with learning (swiss)german. We have a bunch of good friends in Basel already but I'm looking forward to meeting new cool people.

This forum is great, I've been checking it out already for few months, but now it's time I introduce myself and pretty soon I'll be asking for all kinds of advice and tips.

ElJeFe 31.08.2008 17:40

Re: Run to the hills (Basel)
Ah dang, I thought this was a post about Iron Maiden :(

Anyways heippa hei, welcome to Switzerland and the forum. Don't you miss Amsterdam at all? Amsterdam is gewoonweg gaaf! Speaking Dutch will help you learn German in no time... if you have a knack for languages. Make sure you use the search function, you'll find that the most common of questions have already been asked and answered.

Longbyt 31.08.2008 17:45

Re: Run to the hills (Basel)
Welcome to the Forum.
Speaking Dutch does indeed help with Swiss German. :o
Hope all goes smoothly with accomodation etc. and that you both settle in well.

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