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stina102 15.07.2009 17:51

Back in Bern/Fribourg Area
Hello everyone!

My husband (US) and I (Swiss) just moved to Switzerland after living in the States for three years. My hubby only speaks English.
We are in our 30s, like the outdoors, traveling, hiking, swimming in the rivers, BBQs etc. We are not exactly party animals but would love to meet some great people to hang out with.
We live in the Bern / Fribourg area.

Magali Lelong 16.07.2009 13:11

Re: Back in Bern/Fribourg Area

My name is Mag and I used to live in the US for 10 years. I'm now back in Europe (French originally) after a couple of years in the UK. I will be moving to Bern on August 3rd and would love to hang out with you guys and get to know more people in Berne. Where did you live in the US? Did you like it?

Hope the return is not too hard!

Take care,

PS: I'm in my 30's as well and have connected with an italian who lives in Bern as well. The more the merrier!

stina102 16.07.2009 14:35

Re: Back in Bern/Fribourg Area
Hi Mag

That sounds great!
We lived in Washington and Texas. We liked it a lot but we did miss the outdoors. Especially in Texas.
Let me know when you get here and we meet up for drinks, dinner, or whatever.

AliBecky 16.07.2009 23:02

Re: Back in Bern/Fribourg Area

I was following another thread recently from people who live in or around Fribourg and it sounded as though someone was going to start an English speaking "club", which sounds great, but I've lost the thread! I'll try to find it and let you know where it was!

Btw, the best place to meet English Speaking people in Fribourg is at the pub Paddy's next to the NH hotel. It's an English speaking community in FR, don't order a drink in French, they won't understand! I'm not a fan of football, but they also regularly show football and rugby matches on big screens, if you're interested!

CU around!

graham 18.07.2009 12:31

Re: Back in Bern/Fribourg Area
New is http://www.meetup.com/meetupfribourg/ for activities and members to make contacts. There will be links to all other groups ...


Starbug 20.07.2009 14:39

Re: Back in Bern/Fribourg Area
Hi and welcome!

We're having a drinks night in Bern on the 30th of July, at the Kleine Schanze, just sign up at the Social Events forum if you can make it!


Bubster 09.09.2009 17:36

Re: Back in Bern/Fribourg Area
Hi Ladies

We are having a welcome dinner on the 30th September in Fribourg if you would like to come and join in on the fun. Just pop onto our website: www.fribourgexpatwomansgroup.com and click on regular groups - all the details are there for the dinner.

Hope to see you there.

Kerri D.

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