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corrieorrie 07.09.2009 17:14

Dog minder needed please in Zug area
Hello, we have THE most adorable small wire fox terrier called Lottie. Everyone falls in love with her when they meet her. She is very placid and extremely easy to look after and great company. (she just loves cuddles!!)
I cannot consider putting her in Kennels as she is loved as one of the family, however, we need someone who will look after her sometimes when we go away. Can you help please? We are betwen Zug and Luzern. close to Kusnacht.

Many thanks.:msngrin:

mrshunkydorey 07.09.2009 23:29

Re: Dog minder needed please in Zug area
Is she good with children? Does she like horses? Does she go on and off the lead? Where does she sleep etc? Also how often do you go away? The odd weekend? A week here or there? Is she good in the car? Sorry for all the questions.....Interested but just need to convince my husband!

corrieorrie 08.09.2009 11:24

Re: Dog minder needed please in Zug area
Thanks for your enquiry,
We have had Lottie from a puppy when our children were smaller, they are teenagers now. She is a most unusually quiet dog, NEVER growled in her life, loves everyone and isn't bothered by horses, (we lived in Oxfordshire so she is used to them walking by her). She doesn't jump up at people, stops to acknowledge other dogs but then goes on her way.
She has her own bed, although my Daughter can't get to sleep without Lottie on her bed to cuddle up to. She walks on her lead and stays with you when off it.
She has a problem with a paw at the moment, so is not requiring long walks. We are looking for a vet at present to have it looked at.

We don't go away a lot but have a holiday booked for 1 week from 27th Dec. Also, a weekend in October to get our Son organised in his rooms at university in uk.

I appreciate your enquiry, however, please think about it carefully or if you decide against it , do you know of any dog sitters in this area please?

Many thanks.

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