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zimzum 05.10.2009 21:19

New au-pair around Olten

I will be in Switzerland (again:rolleyes:) as an au-pair in 1 week and I would like to meet some other au-pairs around Olten ..or Basel, Zurich ..it doesn't matter :) so we can hang-out ..in weekends , i don't know ..or to chat from time to time , we will see ;) . It doesn't matter if you guys are au-pairs ...or not, actually.
I'm 21 and I'm from Romania but I have dutch/german origin and I need to learn one of my family's language which is (german) :p .

Thanks and looking forward to meet someone :)


Guest 10.10.2009 13:51

Re: New au-pair around Olten
Welcome to the Forum. Have you met any other au-pairs yet? You should continue to post on the EF from time to time to find out if anyone works near you.. keep an eye on the calendar too for meet-ups and events.

benneesom 12.10.2009 16:21

Re: New au-pair around Olten
Hi, thankfully I'm not an au-pair, however, I do live in Olten. We have a nice little gang of expats who have recently met, together with a Swissy. We will next meet on Wednesday for a Thai meal, then a beer after. Feel free to meet us.


Trikk 12.10.2009 20:29

Re: New au-pair around Olten
Hi! I live in Zürich and I work as a nanny, so feel free to contact! :) and btw if you have facebook then there is a special community for english speaking nannies... or something like that :rolleyes:! (I don't have facebook myself, but I just know that there is something like that existing!)

Have fun!

zimzum 13.10.2009 00:15

Re: New au-pair around Olten

Thanks to everyone who replayed to my post !! ;)
I do found some nice people but not from this forum .. and I will try and write another message from time to time, thanks for the advice !!

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