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charcoal 24.04.2007 01:47

WHOA! Zurich for 4 months!
Hello everyone!

It's finally officially decided; I will be in Zurich, Switzerland from May to September!!! :) :) :) AHHHHHHHH I am sooo excited!!! HAHAHA

Oh, I guess I should introduce myself first, hehe. I am a female engineer (23 yrs old) in the US (SoCal), and I will be working at one of the research labs in Zurich this summer before starting engineering grad school (gargh) in the fall! My official start date is May 21st (though this may change depending on how the permit application process goes), and I really look forward to it already!!!

I have been reading several posts in this forum and found them very helpful. However, since I now have less than a month to figure out my housing situation (this actually really seriously worries me a lot... hmph) as well as banking, etc., I decided I should stop being a lurker and start becoming an active participant in this forum! :)

I wonder if there are others who will be temporary residents in Zurich this summer, and it'd be great if I can get to know some of them through this forum. :) It would also be absolutely fabulous if I get to know some kind, generous Zurich residents who can provide any kind of assistant or share their expertise regarding the housing situation in the world's #1 city to live...

Anyway, long introduction short, I am excited to finally post an entry here, and thanks for reading! :D

Oldhand 24.04.2007 06:36

Re: WHOA! Zurich for 4 months!
Hi, welcome to the forum. As you have no doubt seen there is now an accommodation thread so advertise your arrival there. Try for some student accommodation, i think you'll find threads if you use the search function.

Good luck with your move, and don't forget to check out the social thread, you can hook up with people pretty much as soon as you get here. Your enthusiasm is charming.:)

DHP 24.04.2007 08:00

Re: WHOA! Zurich for 4 months!
Hi and congrats on getting a research position in Zurich for the summer! Where are you from in Southern Cal? I am from northern Cal and my daughter is living in Southern Cal - studying at CSULB.
If you are looking for a sublet with students or so, you can check out the website www.students.ch - filter Wohnungen and then WG-Zimmer.... or try craigslist for Zurich.....
good luck and welcome to Zurich!

tdlite 13.05.2007 13:14

Re: WHOA! Zurich for 4 months!
i'm new to zurich as well and interning for the summer (May-Aug) i'm a 20 yr. old student from houston, tx but grew up in europe. i used a company called city appartements for lodging; it's like a long stay hotel where they come and change your sheets, towels, provide trash bags, toilet paper, everything you could need and the apartments are fully furnished and very comfy. if you search on google you'll find their page.

charcoal 14.05.2007 10:47

Re: WHOA! Zurich for 4 months!
hi tdlite,

thanks for the suggestion - it looks like something i might want to try out if my current housing hunt fails. i have one lead right now that i am following up with, and i hope this one works out in the end.

anyhow, it's exciting to see that someone else around my age (younger in fact!!) will also be in zurich this summer! i will be working in ruschlikon, but i hope to find a place to stay near downtown zurich. :)

aussiejosh 14.05.2007 19:01

Re: WHOA! Zurich for 4 months!
hey matey, sounds like u're ALMOST all set..

definitely try the accomodation section on the forums, seems to have a fair bit of handy information..

personally i had the luck of having my company set everything up for me before heading over :)

I'm 23 and having a blast over here, here till about mid july, so no doubt u're going to have a blast, particularly once the weather settles down even more than it already has..

stay in touch.


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