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Fallen Snowflake 25.01.2010 19:47

Moving to Zurich
Hi everyone,

I will be moving to Zurich at the beginning of March to start as a Post-doctoral researcher at the University of Zurich. I am British and speak a bit of German. I am trying to get my head around all the taxes and living costs. I have just finished my PhD in London and am now having to pay back my student loan and well as my professional studies loan that I took out to continue my further education.

Could you please help me with some of the tax information? Below is the percentages that my employers PA gave me for various taxes. Are these correct?

AHV/IV/EO - Social Security - 5.05%
ALV - Unemployment Insurance - 1.00%
BVK - Kanton (district) tax - 5.60%
BVK >24yrs - Addition for age - 0.80%
VSAO - Welfare Insurance - 6.00%
NBU - Accident Insurance - 0.50%
Withholding tax - Tax At Source - 8.00%

Total deductions - 26.95%

Also I have been trying to work out the the cost of living. Below is a list of "things" that I expect to pay for. Could someone maybe suggest how much some of these cost so that I can better budget my money?

Apartment rental (1 bed, 30 min travel to work in 8008)
Additional charges for property (i.e. for apartment block)
Health insurance (27yrs, single, healthy)
Home insurance
Phone - landline
Mobile phone

Really appreciate your help, thank you :msngrin:

Halfasleep 25.01.2010 20:14

Re: Moving to Zurich

Apartment rental (1 bed, 30 min travel to work in 8008) ..1200CHF/month or less..maybe consider flat sharing.
Additional charges for property (i.e. for apartment block) ..in the rent
Health insurance (27yrs, single, healthy) ..about 140CHF/month
Home insurance...there isnt reallly any..i pay 10CHF/year
Utilities...about 300CHF/year
Supermarket ..about 60CHF a week
Phone - landline..about 10chf.month with internet bundle (no point if you have mobile)
Internet ..40CHF/month
TV/Radio ..theres absolutely nothin good on TV
Mobile phone..get a pre pay..from lyca or yallo 20CHF

You will probably also need a deposit for the apartment, usually 2months rent..

yeh tax deductions are roughly around 25%

hope this helps a bit
whats your research on?

aout07 25.01.2010 20:16

Re: Moving to Zurich
welcome to the forum and in swiss too... this might help..


zurich might be little more expensive.. 125 k , single, fairely enough

Fallen Snowflake 25.01.2010 20:46

Re: Moving to Zurich

Wow, thats for the quick replies!

Re: aout07
I'll be on CHF 87.5K. This is fairly standard, if not a higher than expected for a first post-doc according to www.myscience.ch. The only concern is paying my loans back in the UK. The economic crisis is really hurting a lot of poor ex/students.

Re: Halfasleep
That's a massive help, thank you. Maybe I should stick with streaming TV shows on the internet... although I might need a license for that too? I expected to pay more for quite a few things... so that's great! I have some money saved for a deposit (about 3 months in total). When I move over initially, I will be in a "guest house"... basically a student accommodation type place. When I get my own place I will need to ship my stuff over. Have you done that with your stuff? If so, did you just drive it over the boarder or did you use a company?

My research is aimed at understanding some of the biochemistry behind Alzheimer's disease. Trying to understand the functions of proteins under normal conditions and then how things go wrong in disease.

Thank you :msngrin:

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