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Cooper 19.06.2007 01:38

Moving to Zurich in August
Hi there. We are moving to Zurich in August from Toronto, Canada. My husband's job is bringing us over. Also along for the "adventure" is our 11yr. old daughter and hopefully our dog!

Since we found out about the move a couple of months ago I have found this site a wealth of information and look forward to relying on the expat expertise when we are actually in CH.


19.06.2007 07:18

Re: Moving to Zurich in August
Welcome to the EF, eh.

You are going to love Swizerland. Maybe :D.

Patella 16.06.2010 14:03

Re: Moving to Zurich in August

I just moved here last month because of my boyfriends job. I'm loving it here so far :msncool:

Good luck moving:)

Chemmie 16.06.2010 14:50

Re: Moving to Zurich in August
Welcome to the forum/Switzerland.

I'm going to Toronto in a couple weeks. Hopefully it's not too hot.

You'll probably find the Swiss like Canadians---once they've found out you're not from the US.

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