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yoyo 24.07.2021 17:58

WTB: an acoustic guitar [ZRH]
I'm looking to buy an acoustic guitar. I'm a beginner, but I want to buy a guitar that sounds good, has good playability and that will last for years.

I'm thinking something in the 500CHF-1000CHF range, but I'm flexible.

Does anyone have a guitar they want to sell?

I'm also happy to get tips on where one can buy a guitar in Zurich. The shops that I visited so far are consistently a few hundred Francs more expensive than e.g. Thomann CH (shipping and tax included).

I'm thinking of maybe trying a guitar in a shop and then ordering it from an online store. A bit of an asshole move, but it will save me hundreds of Francs.

Susie-Q 28.07.2021 10:20

Re: WTB: an acoustic guitar [ZRH]
Hi there,

I have a Taylor BT2 acoustic, which is perfect for a beginner as it is a smaller body travel sized guitar and fairly decent for the price range.


A good upgrade from that:


I also highly recommend Yamaha lower price point acoustic guitars - they are really nice for what you pay:


Zurich doesn't have a good shop with a broad selection of lower price point guitars (that I have found) - I got mine in Basel and you can pay same price / even negotiate directly with them than from online:



bossybaby 28.07.2021 11:25

Re: WTB: an acoustic guitar [ZRH]
I would go for an 80s (pre-Fender) Guild; the build and sound were amazing. I would not buy a new guitar because I'd have to wait 30 years for it to mature to sound like that. I have a cherry D-25 with Fresnel tuning. Fabulous.

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