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Rich 24.05.2007 11:55

Funny Cats
Not sure if this has been posted before but just came across this and thought i would share :)



Brianb_ie 24.05.2007 11:59

Re: Funny Cats
I'd like to know who added the captions to those photos. Excellent English!

Tim 24.05.2007 12:08

Re: Funny Cats
One with not so good English...or spelling at least! ;)


PlantHead 24.05.2007 12:12

Re: Funny Cats
1 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by Brianb_ie (Post 65264)
I'd like to know who added the captions to those photos. Excellent English!

There was another forum where they ran a thread on creating funny cat pictures, I think this is where the page comes from.

this may or may not have been my entry

gooner 24.05.2007 12:25

Cats can has grammar

Originally Posted by Brianb_ie (Post 65264)
I'd like to know who added the captions to those photos. Excellent English!

I'm surprised you don't know about kitty pidgen.

Internet culture and language culture like lolcats.

Read about it here.

larrylizzard 24.05.2007 12:56

Re: Funny Cats
Its not quite the same thing as a pic, but my cat can skateboard!!!


he loves skateboards


gooner 24.05.2007 12:59

Re: Funny Cats

Rich 24.05.2007 14:32

Re: Funny Cats
hahah that video just made my day :)

Polorise 26.05.2007 21:55

Re: Funny Cats
my cat is sniggering ...


larrylizzard 30.05.2007 16:43

Re: Funny Cats
My cat is a fat bum!


Uncle Max 30.05.2007 17:00

Re: Funny Cats
Then, of course, there's Kitler:


larrylizzard 30.05.2007 17:07

Re: Funny Cats
hehehehe kitler!

Evolver 30.05.2007 17:10

Re: Funny Cats
There's a whole website dedicated to that type of cat...:D


Adrian Johnatans 31.05.2007 00:56

Re: Funny Cats
Hey Lee Diamants, your cat looks like a big fat mafia godfather !:D
Just amazing !!!

larrylizzard 31.05.2007 11:57

Re: Funny Cats
Well his known to bit a few people as family favours!


the paparazzi tried to get his photo but he refused....


there has been rumours of computer scams...

but he is not gay like my other cat...check the hand


but she is a cutie


grumpygrapefruit 06.06.2007 14:47

Re: Funny Cats
If cute kittens & Muse are your thing, look here (and turn your volume up full)...


cyrus 06.06.2007 15:07

Re: Funny Cats

Originally Posted by Lee Diamant (Post 66902)

Reminds me of one of my favourite kittehs


mimi1981 06.06.2007 15:07

Re: Funny Cats
so so so so so sweet!!!!!:p I want them!! I love the bit at the end especially.....my office now think I'm mad due to the aww sounds I couldn't help making.

ric 06.06.2007 15:40

Re: Funny Cats
I'm not sure but I think this was the first page lolcats site that came into existance http://icanhascheezburger.com. The net has gone crazy for these sites. Would it be tragic of me to admit that I check this site out almost daily :msnblush:

Maybe I have too much time on my hands?

Evolver 06.06.2007 16:00

Re: Funny Cats
Now this one is just tailor-made for this forum


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