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InCH 04.03.2011 13:11

German for Soldering Flux?
Can somebody please tell me the German term for "Soldering Flux"?

By Soldering Flux I refer to the gel or paste like substance used to ensure clean soldering. It is used to prevent oxidation of the base and filler materials during soldering. The flux dissolves existing oxides on the metal surface and promotes wetting with the solder for quick, easy and neat soldering.

Also if you could please suggest where to buy it. I am only looking for a small tube or a small packet of solder for my DIY needs.

PaddyG 04.03.2011 13:15

Re: German for Soldering Flux?
According to Leo:

irish_temptation 04.03.2011 13:17

Re: German for Soldering Flux?
I have never heard this word before (as English is not my mother tongue) but Leo came up with the following:

Lötmittel or Lötfett sounds best for me. I would try Jumbo or maybe Coop Bau & Hobby or something along these lines.

slammer 04.03.2011 14:03

Re: German for Soldering Flux?
Solder is Lötzinn
And flux is Lötpaste or Lötfett

st2lemans 04.03.2011 14:14

Re: German for Soldering Flux?
Migros carries both, I bought some recently to repair a friend's gas pipe.


rpf 04.03.2011 15:43

Re: German for Soldering Flux?
We call it "Flussmittel" in the workshop.

Plumbers used to apply "Lötwasser", a solution made from acid and zinc chips. Not recommended for soldering electronics! Use only acid-free flux for electronics.

Soldering is defined by working temperatures below 450° C, brazing is done above 450° C.

Phil_MCR 04.03.2011 15:51

Re: German for Soldering Flux?

Originally Posted by rpf (Post 1124862)
We call it "Flussmittel" in the workshop.

agree with this.

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