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violetfriday 26.06.2012 11:28

Sprachendienst Konstanz - any good?
Hi all!

I am currently at A2 level in German and want to go back to language school (intensivkurs) for the next few months until I'm at level C1 (preferably C2 - I want to continue my Uni studies in German). This will take a very long time, so I compared the prices between Bellingua in Zurich and Sprachendienst in Konstanz, and for 25 weeks or more, Bellingua is double the price. Not a surprise really.

Long story short, has anyone been to Sprachendienst? If so, how did you find the teaching style and level there in general?

I live in Frauenfeld, which is conveniently located between these two cities so it's not a matter of which is closer. And why Bellingua? After an absolutely awful time at Flying Teachers Zurich, I read everyone's reviews and in Zurich city Bellingua seems come out tops for "serious" study. However, if a school in Germany is comparable in quality but considerably cheaper, it would make life a lot easier by saving us quite a hefty amount of money.

Thanks for your input! :)

izoken 17.10.2013 16:49

Re: Sprachendienst Konstanz - any good?
Hi I was wondering if you actually got to try the Sprachdienst Konstanz? Same question: are they any good?

Giorgia882 19.02.2014 23:33

Re: Sprachendienst Konstanz - any good?

Same question! Does anyone have informations/feedback/reviews about this school?

Thank you in advance! :):)

jacek 19.02.2014 23:44

Re: Sprachendienst Konstanz - any good?
One bloody full online review, that's it.


Giorgia882 20.02.2014 20:18

Re: Sprachendienst Konstanz - any good?
Thank you Jacek..It's the only thing i was able to find too.
I'm still hoping that someone will be able to tell me something more about the school..:msngrin::msngrin:

ljk 26.02.2014 22:57

Re: Sprachendienst Konstanz - any good?
I used to know people who worked there and I think some still do. As far as I know they were always really good. I wanted to teach there but didn't and as a teacher they were miles better than any other school, that is a fact. I assume this reflects on the teaching too and the student experience.

However, if you want to get to uni level, i.e TestDaF, then you need some intensive courses and exam preparation. The uni at Konstanz also does some pre-Uni courses for entrants. I did my uni prep at a different school though and trained solely for the TestDaF exam so that I could pass it! got me in and the rest fell in to place as soon as you use the language every day.

Hope that helps.

Giorgia882 26.02.2014 23:59

Re: Sprachendienst Konstanz - any good?
Dear lkj,

Thank you for your help!
My situation is the following: I just finished my studies (Bachelor + Master) in Lausanne and I want to improve my german skills (right now I have a b1 level) investing 3-4 months of my time. I want to stay close to Switzerland in order to find a job in Zurich, so it would be more practical.

I found 3 schools in Konstanz + 1 in Radolfzell and the prices differences are just HUGE! Sprachendienst is less expensive than the others but it's hard to find some reviews or experiences about it. :msnsad: So I really don't know which school to choose and how to make the choice... Hope that someones else will post his experience here! :):)

ljk 27.02.2014 08:41

Re: Sprachendienst Konstanz - any good?
Hi, well I have experience in all schools there. I taught at one and learned german in an intensive course for i i just like you at another. Which have you looked at?

Giorgia882 03.03.2014 23:00

Re: Sprachendienst Konstanz - any good?

Originally Posted by ljk (Post 2099337)
Hi, well I have experience in all schools there. I taught at one and learned german in an intensive course for i i just like you at another. Which have you looked at?

Thank you ljk and sorry for my late replay. I found three school in Konstanz: Inlingua, Humboldt institute and Sprachendients; plus a school in Radolfzell: the Carl Duisberg Intitute. I only saw the websites and write an email to get some informations from the schools, but in term of price and course unit a week the Carl Duisberg seem to be the best; my only fear is to find to many young students there (as they to an intern program with accomadion in host family,...).
As I'll do three month i'm looking for an intensive course, it's not a problem to do a lot of hour of courses a day.

Tacubakos 24.06.2020 08:01

Re: Sprachendienst Konstanz - any good?
Hello there,

Here you go. A fresh update on whether Sprachendienst Konstanz is good.
To my opinion, no.
I enrolled for a C1 abendskurs (2x a week), and I got so bored from the way they were doing it.
A teacher having the book as a crutch, no creativity, no originality, not to say that she was sitting during the whole class, not writing anything not checking if what we write is correct etc.
And one still pays 30 euros per lesson approx. which I consider a huge amount (for Swiss people may be not that huge but still).
I mean if you are willing to pass the border why not find a teacher to do private classes? It will cost you the same (or even less) and you will have the possibility to excel a lot faster than you do during a group class.
My take.

TheCatintheHat 24.06.2020 09:33

Re: Sprachendienst Konstanz - any good?
Or try Udemy? There are some good courses and you can return them if you start one and aren't satisfied.
You could possibly attend some language cafes for real people practice

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