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Emic180 04.09.2014 10:40

Hi there,

I am looking for a a French speaker who is interested in meeting up in the mornings e.g. 10:00 - 12:00 and improving their English skills, in exchange for their perfect French.

I'm a native English speaker and my niveau in French is B2.
I am looking to improve both my speaking and writing skills in French.

CITY: LAUSANNE and peripherals.

Kat :)

Gerri78 04.09.2014 10:56

Re: My ENGLISH for your FRENCH
Hello Kat
I would be interested in speaking to you in french in exchange for your english. I am french, and have lived in an english speaking country for a while. I would be able to meet in the mornings but no further than in neuchatel. If ever you are interested, send me your email address and we can make arrangements. Looking forward to your reply!

Emic180 04.09.2014 11:03

Re: My ENGLISH for your FRENCH
Hi Jerry,

Thanks for your quick response. Neuchatel is a little bit too far for me.
I'm guessing that for you, too, coming to Lausanne would be a hassle.

Ideally, I am looking for someone from the following areas:

Saint Sulpice


Emic180 04.09.2014 11:04

Re: My ENGLISH for your FRENCH
Oops... I meant Gerri :msncrazy:

Gerri78 04.09.2014 11:10

Re: My ENGLISH for your FRENCH
Indeed Lausanne is too far for me!! Too bad!! I hope you meet someone who can help you soon!

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