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tani305 21.05.2015 15:41

CV review
hello, i searching for a job, but i need a help to review my CV from any errors, can anyone help me out with that?

Longbyt 21.05.2015 15:48

Re: CV review
Welcome to the Forum.
This really looks a bit like a 'Jobs Offered' to me.
According to your Profile you are Swiss and your mother tongue is Italian so it's a bit difficult for us to work out what you are actually looking for. Have you written your CV in English and want it checked? I don't like to be too harsh, but if the English in your CV is a similar standard to your posts, it will take a lot of work to get it up to standard. You would probably be best off with someone who speaks good Italian in addition to good English.

tani305 21.05.2015 15:50

Re: CV review
isn't a Job offered, it's just a help, i alredy traslated my CV to english and i need a english speaker to help me thourgh the correction form, just to make sure that everything's correct!

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