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Gretta 24.11.2015 18:43

English tutoring for kids in Bern?

Does anyone know of English classes for bilingual (English-German, or English-anything, I guess) kids in Bern? My 7 year old speaks excellent English but given that he goes to a Swiss school it's not really progressing as it should, and not keeping up with the reading and writing he should be doing in English at his age. Am looking for something in the city, once a week in the afternoon, ideally in a small group. Any ideas if this is something Embassies offer?

Thanks for any tips!

Sbrinz 24.11.2015 19:17

Re: English tutoring for kids in Bern?
This organisation was always "manned" by English ladies, most were qualified teachers in the UK, I think it is exactly what you are looking for, http://www.esp-bern.ch/

ForeverDelayed 25.11.2015 10:03

Re: English tutoring for kids in Bern?
My kids go to the English Speaking Playgroup. They love it, and, as Sbrinz said, they are all qualified teachers.

It's especially good for my 6 year-old, who was used to reading and writing in the UK, but gets none that in Kindergarten here.

Highly recommended!

Gretta 30.11.2015 10:33

Re: English tutoring for kids in Bern?
Thanks heaps guys, this is brilliant, just what I was looking for!

Medea Fleecestealer 30.11.2015 11:54

Re: English tutoring for kids in Bern?
Another idea, though I'm not sure they still do it, is that Stauffacher's English book department does/did a kid's book reading session on Saturday mornings.

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