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dragoneiric 15.06.2017 09:51

Kid's German Dictionary
My son is now getting homework from school where he is given a word and has to circle der, die or das. He just guesses! We have a copy of the Usborne First Thousand Words in German so I've been making him look it up in there. But it doesn't have all the words he is set. I want to get him a dictionary like the Usborne Illustrated English Dictionary or the Oxford Junior Illustrated dictionary, so with a simple explanation of the word and useful info.

I've looked at the Duden and the Grundschulwörterbuch literally just lists words, the Grundschullexicon is more of an encyclopaedia with no articles or declensions. The Langenscheidt one has an example of the word in a sentence but no explanation and no plural form.

I know there's the online option, but at this age I'd rather he had a book he can flick through. Also one with pictures so he'd be more willing to use it! What else is out there?

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