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Nunataq 15.01.2019 00:24

[German] help with phrase
Im just working through some correspondence with a friend and theres one phrase here thats holding me up..

---"Trumpfe ja selbst au ned mit körpergrosse."--

does this mean "Winning despite..." or "Not only with..." or something else entirely? I can't catch the meaning of it and there is an entire clause that sort of hinges on it.

also is Körpergrosse only about height. or can it mean size generally? like in the case of a bodybuilder who is big but not necessarily tall.

Hope some one can help me out!

Squeeeez 15.01.2019 10:50

Re: [German] help with phrase
Trumpfen means win/stand out in this context. It's a card game expression where one of the four colours will win over any of the others, even if the card itself is of lower value.

and körpergrösse is only the height.

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