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logo123 12.11.2020 11:57

Hi Folks

I completed by A2 exams a couple of years back but then did not practise.

Realised that I now need a B1 certificate and the exam is in a few months (04).
Have been working on my German but challenging to find the time with all the stuff at work.

Questions/advise from people who have done this successfully:
Can you get to B1 level in 3-4 months?
If so, how much time do you need to devote to the same (I recognise that many factors come into play in terms of ability to comprehend, immersion etc.)
Does B1 allow you to have conversation with Native German speakers or is that further along i.e. B2 or C1?
What has worked really well for you? I have been spending 90-120 mins daily to work on my German (Podcasts, Memrise, Youtube etc.) but open to other suggestions as well.

Thanks in advance for all your help.

Massa 12.11.2020 12:31

Re: Help.....!
Depending on where you're based KDE might be a better bet than the TELC or Goethe exams. It's also approved by the Migrationsamt for your C permit should you need it.


I posted extensively on this somewhere on another post but can't find it now. Ultimately it was much more forgiving and the main focus is on being understood and understanding - not on whether you have the wrong article from Der/Die/Das.

EDIT: B1 for Listening/Speaking and A2 for Reading/Writing. Also you don't have to do the two modules. You can just do B1 for Listening/Speaking if you prefer.

Good luck!

logo123 12.11.2020 14:21

Re: Help.....!
Thank you. And does it change if you want to apply for Natural Naturalisation?

newtoswitz 12.11.2020 14:29

Re: Help.....!

Originally Posted by logo123 (Post 3238583)
Thank you. And does it change if you want to apply for Natural Naturalisation?

Depends on your canton.

E.g. SG is B1, whereas SZ is B1 written B2 spoken.

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