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Re: [German] Which is the best school in Zurich?

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Anyone here with recent experience of Migros??

thanks in advance
I studied german at Migros Schule Wengihof, i must say i was really lucky, cause i had a wonderful teacher, who in fact did more than what was asked of her. I mean she insisted on grammar, she encouraged us to write and talk and most of all she was very patient. If u intend to study at this school, i would advise u to get in her class, because as far as the other teachers are concerned i cant give u any feedback.
Let me know and i will give u her name.

Best wishes!
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Re: [German] Which is the best school in Zurich?

I can more than recommend Bellingua in Zürich city. I have been studying there since April this year on the intensive morning courses and I find the pace of learning fantastic. Not the cheapest school, but the class sizes are limited to 9 which means you always have plenty of opportunity to speak and practice. All the students tend to be motivated and the teachers that I've had are great.

I cannot comment on other schools as I have only used Bellingua, but I would personally not consider changing to another school as I have had such a good experience with Bellingua and am very pleased with the progress
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Re: [German] Which is the best school in Zurich?

I Have copied my post from another thread on my experience at Bellingua....

I wanted to do an intensive course and after reading lots of info on EF and looking at various schedules I decided on Bellingua. They offer a money back guarantee after the first week and boast a 98% pass rate in the Goethe Exams.
The course schedule worked perfectly for me and so I signed up.
The course was every morning from 8.30 - 11.40.

The beginning was ok as I had studied a little at home and have been around German speakers a lot in the last 10 years. We had a good teacher and although the course was fast I thought this would be the best way to learn.
There was only one other person in the class of 9 who could only speak English, - everyone else could speak at least one other European language. It was also apparent that in our class many people had quite a good knowledge of German already - despite it being A1 beginners.

At the end of the day on the first Friday our teacher explained that we would be having a new teacher commencing the following week. I was a bit annoyed and felt this was a little underhand as Bellingua have a money back policy if you canx during the first week.

Bellingua have a test every Friday that they use as an indicator of how you are doing, which is a good idea - in principle.
I had 1 bad test result over 4 weeks. Not a disaster I thought and I had a few private lessons to cover the bits I didn't understand. However at the end of week 5 I did another test and knew I would get a bad result.
I really felt that the class was moving too fast for my understanding and approached the reception to ask if I could change to the afternoon classes (3 afternoons I thought would give me time to digest and also have some private lessons to fully understand), or if I could go back and re-do the last 2 weeks in another class. This wasn't necessary I was assured and I was told to stay and see how I felt the end of the following week.
I stayed with it and had another private lesson so I could fully get to grips with personal/possessive pronouns. After the test on the Friday of the 6th week I felt really miserable and knew I had not fully understood everything. I went off for lunch and tried to forget about it until I got an email telling me I didn't get a good test result and I had been removed from the class. :0
I went to the school to discuss my options thinking I could now change class etc NO. I was told that my only option was to go to another school !!

I really couldn't believe that at 42 years old I had been thrown out of a language school, that I was paying a lot of money for without being given any options. At least I know how they get such a high pass rate....

I am sure there are people who have had great experiences with Bellingua, and people learn in different ways, I am just sharing my personal experience to the 'which language school in Zurich' question.

I have since joined Allegra in Zurich and am also doing an intensive course - am just coming to the end of A2 - however they don't work at the same pace. It takes 12 weeks to cover what Bellingua does in 9 however I am really enjoying the pace and it is much more relaxed.
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Re: [German] Which is the best school in Zurich?

Bellingua is not helpful in case you don't like the teacher. You are suggested to leave the school instead.
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Re: [German] Which is the best school in Zurich?

I can definitely recommend EB Zürich. Good prices - aprox. 760 CHF with books-, and from my personal experience, the teachers were great. We followed a book but the classes were dynamic according to what the students needed the most.
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Re: [German] Which is the best school in Zurich?

I did a semi-intensive evening course with Bellingua and would have to agree with a lot of the comments above. They are very strict about you passing the frequent tests and a number of people in the class were given the choice of repeating a module in a different class or finding a new school depending on how badly they failed.
The teacher we had was extremely good but outside the class I could not get enough practise in actually using what I was learning so I struggled more and more as the course went on. No matter which course you do and with which school, if you do not have the opportunity to use what you are learning then it just will not stick.
Saying that, the 'right' approach will be different for each person, maybe a little or maybe a lot so perhaps grab a couple of simple books and hang out with other ex-pats trying to learn the language and relax your way into it.
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Where is the best school to learn German

please can any tell me which of the schools in Zurich in good for an English speaker to learn German and get a good result
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Re: Where is the best school to learn German

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please can any tell me which of the schools in Zurich in good for an English speaker to learn German and get a good result
Before you spend your money on school, do this for 6 months:

Step 1: Pick 20 words from the newspaper and write them down. Look them up and learn them. Test yourself the next day. On the following day, pick 20 more words and do the same. Every few days go back and review the words you have learned. My point? Learn as many words as you can (with articles), because without those building blocks, school is a waste of time.

Step 2: Read a book in German, preferably one that is a translation of a book you have already read (and enjoyed) that was written in English (I used Moby Dick).

Step 3: Watch television and actively listen to the language, the cadence, the words and practice speaking the same words. I know someone who practiced into a tape recorder (most cell phones can do that today).

Step 4: Ask co-workers to speak German to you on certain days. They always want to practice their English but they will be happy to help you with your German.

Then, after 6 months find the school.

Seriously, a school will bring little if you don't have some basis to build upon.

Viel Vergnügung!
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Re: [German] Which is the best school in Zurich?

To anyone who wants to learn german in Zurich/Switzerland: Don't go to Alemania!
I did three months there and there's really nothing good I can say about that school.
First of all, the staff is really, really unfriendly! At one point they almost wanted to force me to subscribe for the next course and because I didn't the secretary (she might even be the boss) got really rude and insulted me!
They also charged me 9Fr. for a simple confirmation!! What a rip off!
Other negative points:
-The two teachers I had were really awful. They kept talking for hours and none of the students understood anything.
-They have lots of courses on their webpage that didn't ever take place! It's all bullshit. Also activities they mention on their website, like movie-night, excursions etc. don't even exist.
-Their equipment (projectors, cd-players) are really old and not working half of the time.
-They don't even have Wi-Fi Internet! So don't even bring your tablet computer.

My experience at ALemania was so awful, that I just want to advise everybody not to go there.
I will try alpha now.. can't possibly be worse than Alemania in any way..
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