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wendi283 20.05.2009 11:01

(Zürich) Language Exchange (High German to English orMandarin)
I am looking for someone (in Zürich) who´s willing to help me improve my German. I am currently at the level of B2 now. In return I could help with you with English or Mandarin. By the way I am from Taiwan.

Ich suche nach einem Tandem-Partner oder Partnerin, der mir helfen könnte, mündliche und schriftliche Deutch zu verbessern. Gelichzeitig können Sie auch Ihr Chinesisch oder Englisch einüben.

Wenn Sie Lust dazu haben, können Sie mir schreiben.


Alex Zurich 20.05.2009 18:26

Re: (Zürich) Language Exchange (High German to English orMandarin)
Hi Wendi238,

I am a native German speaker (High German/Germany) and would like to find a person who speaks native or prof. English that wants to improve their High-German in exchange for helping me learn/improve my English. My English skills are advanced.

Its sounds ok for you, pls contact me per Private Message

Cheers Alex

PS: located in Zurich as well

simon_ch 04.06.2009 12:01

Re: (Zürich) Language Exchange (High German to English orMandarin)
Hi Wendi

I've just discovered your post now. I opened my own thread in the forum.
I would be very much interested in teaching you German as a language partner while you teach me Mandarin!
Hoping to hear from you,


assiak 08.06.2009 11:28

Re: (Zürich) Language Exchange (High German to English orMandarin)
Hello all,
I would also like to do a German-English verbal exchange (and, well, if anyone wants to learn Bulgarian I can offer that too!!).
I am a native English speaker (originally from Bulgaria but lived in NZ for most of my life) and I just need relaxed conversational practice to break the 'shyness' in speaking German...I'm at B2 level and can read and write so so, but am not getting enough speaking practice!
The problem is that friends/colleagues are generally not patient enough to listen to you talk like a 4 year old so I would like to meet someone patient enough to listen to me and also willing to correct me...

have a good week!

PS I'm also in Zurich

jalbert 20.06.2009 20:34

Re: (Zürich) Language Exchange (High German to English orMandarin)
Hi assiak,

Just stumbled upon your post and think I can offer you some help with practicing conversation in High-German. It's not my mother tongue (which is Russian by the way), but I think my German is pretty fluent.

It would be a nice opportunity for me to improve my English skills as well :)

Let me know, if you're interested...
I live in Aargau, not far from Zürich.


annaz 09.07.2009 12:34

Re: (Zürich) Language Exchange (High German to English orMandarin)

I am also looking for someone in Zurich to practise speaking German with. I am English and currently learning German, but don't feel I am practising speaking enough. The only language I can offer in return is English. I have just completed Berlitz level 1 German, so am at quite a basic level still, but very keen to improve!


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