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nyleung 15.11.2009 19:39

Anyone want to learn French together (in Geneva)?
Anyone interested to doing Berlitz French class together in Geneva?

They are offering private lesson for 1 or 2 (at the same price of CHF75 per hour). The catch is that you have to order at least 20 clases and they have to be finished between 16 Nov to 31 Dec 2009. I am guess it will be suitable for new arrival who have not start working yet (like me).

Their school (at Geneva Carrefour de Rive) is opened from Monday to Friday from 8.15 to 21.00. The schedule of these lessons is supposed to be flexible. They said you can choose days and hours, cancel or plan a lesson up to the previous day before 2.00 PM as long as the 20 units are taken before the 31 Dec.

So PM me if you are interested to be my study buddy. I am a total beginner with very very basic knowledge in French.


Lindbergmtl 16.11.2009 12:50

Re: Anyone want to learn French together (in Geneva)?
Hi there,

You might want to consider learning French online! :msnnerd:

It's very convenient, less expensive, and a lot of fun, because, and often tutors use videos, websites, and text to convey all the important notions.

There are many sites now doing just that, but after looking at several of them, I found edufire.com to be the best place.

Here's a link for a French tutor, if you want to check it out, he is very good and not too expensive:


Bonne chance!

16.11.2009 13:14

Re: Anyone want to learn French together (in Geneva)?
and when you will know a few words, meet locals.... :D

Lindbergmtl 16.11.2009 15:54

Re: Anyone want to learn French together (in Geneva)?
You're welcome!

I made a mistake on the link:


He also teaches Law of Attraction , :D

Jane77 01.12.2009 22:43

Re: Anyone want to learn French together (in Geneva)?
Wow....got to love the law of attraction. :)

This just triggered a thought. When I learnt Albanian I did it with an Audio course, that speaks about attracting a language rather than learning it. Funny concept in a way, but wow, did it work!

Anyway.... lol...don't know why I am posting this here.... Just had to think of that when I read "law of attraction".

Hmmmm... maybe can be of help anyway on what concerns learning French.

I am a French teacher (for primary school kids that is) and I always find that listening to radio programmes or buying books on cd's can help.

If you are a beginner then try to dive into the language as well as you can, make sure you surround yourself by it, giving your brain the message: This is important.

Thinking.... I will go and check whether they have those audios in French too.... :msnnerd:

Yep.... they do: www.skillcruiser.com/french

Hurray...:msntongue: This may really help you. If it is anythign similar to the one I did in Albanian it is well worth it.

Other than that playgrounds are great places to learn a language in too. Find French speaking moms (if you have any kids, that is) and off you go.... engage in a conversation...

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