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geraldinekneale 18.05.2010 12:09

Spanish tuitions for french speaker
Hi there,
We are planning to go over to Spain in the next 12 months or so.
Therefore, I am looking for some spanish lessons. I used to do some spanish at 'college' and 'lycee' but it's been over 10 years so although I am sure some will come back to me in time, I would be consider as a beginner!!
Is anybody could help me?
I live near Regensdorf Watt (train s6), Zurich.
Look forward to your posting.

Guest 18.05.2010 13:14

Re: Spanish tuitions for french speaker
I would offer to help you if you were closer :( Have you checked the Migros Klubschule? I do know they offer Spanish, might be worth your while

Good luck!

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