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ML2012 20.08.2012 12:30

San San
I am leaving CH, I need to cancel my health insurance (with Sansan)...do you know how much time in advance an d how do I need to communicate them?

I guess they will ask for the deregistration, is that correct? If yes, when I deregister, do they give my a certification I already ask for the deregister in advance so I can give it to Sansan??

Thanks a lot again!!

Swiss Cheddar 20.08.2012 12:31

Re: San San
Pick up the telephone and ask them :rolleyes::rolleyes:


Markarina 20.08.2012 13:58

Re: San San
I tried calling SanSan in the past, even called their English help line .... unfortunately it's manned by people that can't speak English:confused:

Wednesday 21.08.2012 10:12

Re: San San
When you deregister, you will get a letter of confirmation from the Gemeinde. Make a copy of this letter and send it to the insurance company along with a letter saying you want to cancel your insurance (from the date of your deregistration). Ask for written confirmation. Presumably if they have an English helpline you can do the letter in English. Send it as a registered letter.

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