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kifissiacat 14.01.2015 13:43

Moving from Switzerland to France
Hoping someone out here can help! We moved to Switzerland from the UK two years ago and have a holiday home in France. We are moving into furnished rented accomodation in Zurich and therefore would like to take our personal effects and furniture over to France to furnish our holiday home - obviously moving into a furnished apartment we have no need for it here! however the removal company WELTI FUHRER are saying we need to pay french vat and import duties! I have spent nearly 2 days searching the internet for verification on this, but all the sites and info I find do not show this as the furniture is all second hand, used and for personal use. Can anyone help as to what the official line is, and even if perhaps its because we are using professional movers, but if we hired a van and moved our furniture ourselves would these charges still be applicable?
Very many thanks to anyone who can help

JoMiFa 14.01.2015 14:27

Re: Moving from Switzerland to France
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You will be subject to customs checks and there may be limitations on what can be brought in duty free, and you will definitely need an inventorz. Couldnt find any exact details. But try call the french douane - see image

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