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TidakApa 19.01.2015 03:42

The good times are over !!!
Well, I wasn't feeling comfortable about leaving Switzerland without offering a formal 'goodbye' to the forum which has offered me so much help over the years. So here are some final parting words for all of you on the forum who have helped to make my time here worthwhile.

I spent a good five and a half years in Switzerland and can honestly say I had a great time. I didn't leave because I'm a whinging expat, but rather opportunity took it's course and I felt it was time to "pull the pin" and start a new chapter somewhere else.

In hindsight, Switzerland is actually pretty awesome and I'm already missing the place. I have been "Switzerlanded", caught in bureaucratic red tape, and scalded by the elderly more times than i care to admit, but it was all worth it. There is nothing bad about Switzerland, just things that are 'different'. The sooner you adjust to this and stop referencing how things are in 'your country', the sooner you truly begin to appreciate what the place has to offer.

In leaving this place I want to thank all of you for the endless helpful advice, the banter, and the general sense of 'community' that is offered here to help make Switzerland such an amazing place for an expat to live.
I'd love to name everyone, but the list would be too long, as so many of you help out in the most incredible ways to make this place great. Meloncollie's pet corner posts, Grumpygrapefruit's external bar/forum meeting point, Anyone posting on a car for sale, Richdog (ha ha, you know), Musicchick keeping the balance, and Nil generally adding fire to everything, the list goes on and it all helps.
There is one special thanks I'd like to offer, and this is to the Swiss nationals who participate on the forum. You guys put up with a lot of our frustration while we adapt to live here, but preserve to help keep us in line and offer some of the best help anyone could ask for. So thank you.

Newbies, if you're still reading, the veterans on the forum can be a pack of grumpy pricks, but they genuinely want to help (or else they wouldn't still be here). Try not to lose your temper, and use the search function where you can and you'll start to love this place as well.

You guys have a very special (not in a 'German' way') community here that you should be proud of. Keep up the good work, and I wish you all the best for the future.

So in the words of the Von trap family "so long, farewell, aufwiedersehen goodnight" de-dedala-da-de-de-deeeee....

Treverus 19.01.2015 04:03

Re: The good times are over !!!
Good luck! (And trust me, you might leave Switzerland but you'll check in here anyways for the banter...)

SOBEIT 19.01.2015 07:31

Re: The good times are over !!!
Best of luck.

Medea Fleecestealer 19.01.2015 07:31

Re: The good times are over !!!
Au revoir, good luck with the next stage of your life journey. :)

Chuff 19.01.2015 07:33

Re: The good times are over !!!
Good luck and farewall man... you'll be back. ;)

Sean Connery 19.01.2015 07:42

Re: The good times are over !!!
One less grumpy prick, not cool! :D

Guest 19.01.2015 07:47

Re: The good times are over !!!
All the best! Don't let your opportunity make you a not grumpy unprick!

hannah'sauntie 19.01.2015 07:47

Re: The good times are over !!!
Great (hopefully not final) post.
Best of luck for the future, don't be a stranger!
Be happy.

Nil 19.01.2015 07:49

Re: The good times are over !!!
Best of luck where ever you go. I will miss you in here so hopefully, you'll come back sometime.

Big kisses


lost_inbroad 19.01.2015 07:57

Re: The good times are over !!!

Thanks for the nice thread. Please clean up your desk before you leave and good luck in all you future endeavors.

TiMow 19.01.2015 07:57

Re: The good times are over !!!
Buy-one-get-one-free. ;):D

meloncollie 19.01.2015 09:26

Re: The good times are over !!!
You will be missed here on EF, TidakApa - wishing you all the best in this new chapter.

Captain Greybeard 19.01.2015 09:58

Re: The good times are over !!!
All the best for your future.

Did you properly clean the washing machine?

Slaphead 19.01.2015 10:08

Re: The good times are over !!!
Just because you're off on new and wild adventures doesn't mean you can't pop your head in here every so often ;)

I wish you the best of luck in your new endeavours, and don't be a stranger.

The_Love_Doctor 19.01.2015 10:13

Re: The good times are over !!!
Cheerio! :D

Guest 19.01.2015 11:19

Re: The good times are over !!!
Au revoir, adieu - à bientôt, merci:) et bonne chance, or as we say in Romandie 'tout de bon'.

Do you mind me asking where you are headed?

Tasebo 19.01.2015 11:31

Re: The good times are over !!!
Have you checked if your "Legend" status is transferable"? EF might not have a lounge, but please drop-in from time to time - I liked your posts.

Happy trails!

Belgianmum 19.01.2015 11:42

Re: The good times are over !!!
Wishing you well in your new adventure in life.
I'll miss your posts on here, you were especially helpful with rehab advice when my son had his skiing accident. Do pop in from time to time if you can.
I'm guessing from the timing of your post that you headed east somewhere, either that or you're a complete insomniac or raging party animal.:D

3Wishes 19.01.2015 17:29

Re: The good times are over !!!
Fine, leave Switzerland if you must. :p But don't leave us completely. :( Pop in now and then to say hello and post pics of your new place.

One aspect of EF that I really like is when folks who move on still participate in the community from time to time. :)

Best wishes and take care.

MidfieldGeneral 19.01.2015 17:52

Re: The good times are over !!!
Good luck, you'll be missed here! :)

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