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juslee 10.10.2017 19:30

where to sell a car?
Hello, I finally have decided to move abroad and sell my car this week.

I have an 2013 audi 1.8 avant TFSI and have had it for 3 years now.

Can anyone recommend a good garage where they are willing to take and I can get a good price?

Do you know if any of the audi garages can buy the car?
I can also plan to take my car to where I bought it (used car store) but I first would like to understand if there are any other places you can recommend.

Thanks so much all in advance!

Meerkat33 10.10.2017 20:18

Re: where to sell a car?
If they know you and your car it might be possible that the dealer you bought it from can make a better price than someone who doesn't, so I would ask for an estimate.
I would also put the car on autoscout, you will get offers from other resellers which will probably use an eurotax estimate (on the low side). If you have time to negotiate look at the price of similar listed cars and try to get more if it's low (consider the dealer still has to make a margin).
Asking other garages is a good idea and costs nothing.

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