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jonniah 25.04.2018 02:35

VAT refund at Geneve airport
Good morning.

I am wondering about VAT refund.

Does anyone know if for items bought in Italy, it would be possible to get a export customs stamp at the Geneve airport before going to my flight back to Iceland, where I live? Or does the customs only stamp items bought in Switzerland ?

st2lemans 25.04.2018 09:15

Re: VAT refund at Geneve airport
If you bought them in Italy, you need to get the documents stamped when leaving the EU by the EU.

Not Switzerland!

So, you will have to leave via the French side.


aSwissInTheUS 25.04.2018 10:47

Re: VAT refund at Geneve airport
Swiss Customns stamps Swiss receipt, EU custom EU receipt.

Which means you have to leave Switzerland, get the Stamps for your Swiss items at the Swiss custom post, go to the airport using this particular road http://goo.gl/maps/35Fuz66AmiA2, than get the stamp for your EU receipt at the Airport.

An other option is to get the stamps for your EU stuff when you leave the EU and enter Switzerland than you can use the Swiss side of the Airport to get the Stamps for your Swiss receipt there.

Be aware that you might have to present the goods, time the checkin of your luggage accordingly.

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