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petrolnik 23.07.2020 08:23

Move to the UK for PhD: suggestions
I currently work here in Switzerland, but I have seen that there are several PhDs at the University of Coventry in England, which focus on interesting research topics.
I wanted to know What do you think of a possible PhD application at Coventry University, and a move to England in Birmingham?
How is life there?
What is the normal loan for a PhD student ?
is it so much worse than in Switzerland, what are pros and cons of the lifestyle?

Thanks a lot
See you

neorion 24.07.2020 17:56

Re: Move to the UK for PhD: suggestions

Each university has its pros and cons. I'd be a bit wary about moving to the UK now amidst all the Brexit issues. First, they're having a rough time figuring out new immigration laws for Europeans, the uncertainty of which will only be unpleasant. Second, academic pay in the UK is only competitive when the pound is 2:1 to the dollar (or CHF), and it is no longer that and will probably decline amidst all the Brexit drama. Even then, they pay their PhDs way less (unless you get a fancy scholarship or prize). It also rains a lot (a lot!), so if your mood is affected by weather, then it is sometimes difficult (especially with diminished travel).

Otherwise, Birmingham is great and U of Coventry has some great programming. Everything depends on what you want/need and what your priorities are. If you have any specific questions, aside from "how is it?" (it's fine), then ask away.

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