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erkinacar 20.09.2020 14:06

Leaving Basel to the Netherlands
Hello dear forum people,

I have been in Basel for (almost) a year for my internship, and at the end of September my contract is ending. The plan has always been that my girlfriend would drive me to the Netherlands with my stuff in Switzerland, then she would come back to keep working here. Now because of corona virus, we are not sure if this is a good option, because she cannot afford to be in quarantine due to his job.

I have two questions, if anyone has any advice. First is, is there any (cheap) company that would move my stuff to the Netherlands? I don't have any furniture. My clothes and all the small things, I can fit into a suitcase and take a plane. However I have things like 2 guitars, an ukulele, an amp, some board games and video game consoles. What would be the best approach to send these back my home, and avoid any possible tax problems since I already paid the taxes for these in Switzerland?

Second question is, we are following this link to see if the Netherlands is in the list of quarantine zones. So far it is not, but does anyone know how often this is updated? We see the new case numbers in the Netherlands and it looks like it's just a matter of time until it gets into the list... Though if it doesn't, then we have no problem with our initial plan of driving there.

Thank you in advance for all your help!

BasP72 20.09.2020 14:43

Re: Leaving Basel to the Netherlands
Mail ? Friends of mine moved to Australia and just mailed all their stuff...

erkinacar 20.09.2020 16:47

Re: Leaving Basel to the Netherlands
If I send it by post, wouldn't it be stuck at customs and I would have to pay taxes or something for my own stuff? I never did this so I have no idea.

k_and_e 20.09.2020 16:52

Re: Leaving Basel to the Netherlands
Ask a friend to pick you up by car and take all your stuff with you.

azt33 20.09.2020 17:28

Re: Leaving Basel to the Netherlands
Yup, or rent a car and drive back and forth yourself - if you don't have that much stuff, should be easily doable. I drive back and forth between NL all the time, easily doable within a day or two :)

erkinacar 20.09.2020 17:41

Re: Leaving Basel to the Netherlands
Hello again thanks for the suggestions. I actually rented a car, that's the original plan. However, I don't have a driving license and my girlfriend is worried that she might have to go into quarantine if she drives me there (when she comes back).

I am not sure how the quarantine status will be in two weeks, so that's why I want to avoid people coming coming back and forth for me. If anyone knows when the country list gets updated for Switzerland, then I can check around those times the situation with the Netherlands. Otherwise, I want to send my stuff back somehow, so that no one is affected.

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