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minamu 21.01.2011 15:12

Moving to Stockholm,pls advice!

We are soon moving to Stockholm (originally from Ístergotland). We are looking for a flat, but need help with the following. We (mamma och barn) are moving without pappa, who is going to join us later so the area won't be centered around any jobs.

Safety: less crime and criminals.
We know Sweden is generally safe but since Stockholm is a big city we have to be careful.
Middle class area: not rundown areas with jobless people (i know in this economy people have lost their job, i mean...)
Dagis: with outdoor playgrounds in a nice area
Outdoors: nice outdoors suitable for a preschoolar
Commute: walk distance to t-bana
we are hoping to ditch the car.
City center: not far from city center at most 20 min commute

Stockholmare advicers olny, pls. If you have other advices i'll appreciate that too. I'm also willing to trade other demand for safety like if it is safer to live in remote area for satety reasons but need a car then that is okay.

Thanks in advance,

Traubert 21.01.2011 15:17

Re: Moving to Stockholm,pls advice!
Just checking that you know that this is a forum for people in Switzerland, not Sweden.

You'd be better off getting advice about this from thelocal.se

PaddyG 21.01.2011 15:18

Re: Moving to Stockholm,pls advice!
Uhm, does someone else want to get the ball rolling?

Psst, this is Switzerland

CorsebouTheReturn 21.01.2011 15:42

Re: Moving to Stockholm,pls advice!
You hardly made a little insignificant location mistake...
Hey it will take you only 21 hours 27 mins by car to join Sweden!
Or by any other travelling way to cover the small 2,214 km distance between here and Stockholm.


If you start driving now you can be there by saturday afternoon!

Have a safe trip :o

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