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Re: Beasties [in Switzerland]?

Swiss Government Website


German to English translation

Current location to the tick bites in Switzerland

In Switzerland, transmits the tick (wood tick) two different pathogens to humans. These are the Borelliose bacterium (Borrelia burgdorferi) and the tick-borne encephalitis virus (TBE) and tick-borne encephalitis virus.

Throughout Switzerland are 5 to 30% (locally up to 50%) of ticks infected with the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi. An estimated 10 000 people are diagnosed annually in the disease caused by this bacterium, the so-called Lyme disease. The disease can be treated with antibiotics. Ticks that carry the tick-borne encephalitis virus, come only in certain areas, the so-called natural foci (endemic) (see map below). In these endemic areas are about 1% (locally 0.5 to 3%) of ticks infected with the virus. Against TBE can you protect yourself with a safe and effective vaccine.

The warm temperatures this year have meant that more people go outdoors. This increases the possibility of being bitten by a tick and of suffering from the tick-borne diseases.

Generally, it is still too early to make a final prognosis for the development of tick-transmitted diseases this summer, since the numbers vary from week to week (see chart on website).

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Lonely Planet: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/switzerl...rmation/health

These small creatures can be found throughout Switzerland up to an altitude of 1200m, and typically live in underbrush at the forest edge or beside walking tracks. A tiny proportion carry viral encephalitis, which may become serious if not detected early.

You should always check all over your body if you have been walking through a potentially tick-infested area, as ticks can cause skin infections and other more serious diseases. If a tick is found attached, press down around the tick's head with tweezers, grab the head and gently pull upwards. Avoid pulling the rear of the body as this may squeeze the tick's gut contents through the attached mouth-parts into the skin, increasing the risk of infection and disease. Smearing chemicals on the tick will not make it let go and is not recommended.

Lyme disease
This is an infection transmitted by ticks that may be acquired in Europe. The illness usually begins with a spreading rash at the site of the tick bite and is accompanied by fever, headache, extreme fatigue, aching joints and muscles, and mild neck stiffness. If untreated, these symptoms usually resolve over several weeks, but over subsequent weeks or months, disorders of the nervous system, heart and joints may develop. Treatment works best early in the illness. Medical help should be sought.

Tick-borne encephalitis
This disease is a cerebral inflammation carried by a virus. Tick-borne encephalitis can occur in most forest and rural areas of Switzerland. If you have been bitten, even having removed the tick, you should keep an eye out for symptoms, including blotches around the bite, which is sometimes pale in the middle. Headache, stiffness and other flu-like symptoms, as well as extreme tiredness, appearing a week or two after the bite, can progress to more serious problems. Medical help must be sought. A vaccination is available and is the best protection.
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Re: Beasties [in Switzerland]?

So to be precise there are 2 similar diseases for humans, TBE and Lyme disease. One should be treated immediately with antibiotics, and one should be prevented by a vaccination. I think a lot of the information on Internet is quite old, and this situation is changing every year with the infection moving slowly westwards.
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