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Ptit-doudet 24.08.2011 16:35

Scholarship(s) for French student
Hello everyone,

I am a Fench Student and I'll study in St Gallen in 2012/2013.
I would like to know if you heard about any scholarship I could receive because financing my studies will be... let's say a perilous exercice.

Moreover, is it difficult to find a job there ? I do not speak German unfortunately but maybe I can give some courses of French language. Do you have any experience of the workload in swiss universities ?

It could concern the chapter "financing/taxes etc." but as far as I read, it deals with taxes and insurance...whereas a grant can greatly facilitate my daily life :).

And for people who know very well St Gallen (please just have a look)

Thanks a lot for your answers!


Alex159 24.08.2011 17:08

Re: Scholarship(s) for French student
Hello Ptit-Doudet,

I study and work part time in Zurich and I think as a EU foreign student you should be able to work at around 15 hours a week which works out as roughly 35% of a full time job. This should cover at least the rent and food on a student budget. I would suggest trying to get an assistant position within your faculty/department as they generally are forthcoming and more familiar with the financial hardships of student life.

Uni financial grants are generally dependent on your nationality, family income and academic performance. I'm not familiar with St. Gallen uni, but I guess if you are exceptionally outstanding academically you should have a good chance of accessing their scholarship funds.

Best of luck!

Longbyt 24.08.2011 18:18

Re: Scholarship(s) for French student
This site, which I found under 'Universitšt Schweiz Stipendium' , should give you a few guidelines and it looks pretty official and up-to-date to me.

SunnAr 25.08.2011 14:34

Re: Scholarship(s) for French student
When it comes to the HSG, the workload really depends on the course you're taking. I assume it would be possible to have an evening job, say, as a waitress, but that would require a bit of German (which would improve really really fast). I have no clue about other employments, maybe you can check with the language department if they have any open position, say, for the conversation classes?
I am part-time in that area of Switzerland, so I'm sending you a PM with some advice for where to live etc right now :)

Anthony1406 25.08.2011 14:43

Re: Scholarship(s) for French student
you can work (legally) up to 20 hours on a student visa.
Bars etc many times pay in cash though....

Alex159 25.08.2011 19:08

Re: Scholarship(s) for French student

Originally Posted by Anthony1406 (Post 1314554)
you can work (legally) up to 20 hours on a student visa.
Bars etc many times pay in cash though....

what's the source for the 20 hours info?

official uni web pages says you can only work 15 hours/week during term time and full time during breaks:

"Non-Swiss students need a work permit and can work for up to 15 hours a week during the semesters; there is no limit imposed during the semester break" (link from ETH uni and link form St. Gallen uni )

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