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Beautiful fairy 10.01.2012 14:02

Engraving a name in a watch
I guess this is not the right subforum to write this post, just dont know where to write it. So if im wrong, my apology.

Ok san valentin's day is coming and i will buy a watch, (typical i know), so i was wondering if there is the posibilitie to engrave it.

I have seen that but never here.

Any idea?? And if yes, where can i do it??

Thanks in advance.

Helm 10.01.2012 14:06

Re: Engraving a name in a watch
Most jeweleries in which I see watches for sale actually do the engraving themselves. Might be expensive, though, and I don't know if you are buying in loco or ordering by internet...

Longbyt 10.01.2012 14:07

Re: Engraving a name in a watch
Basically Daily Life is about things which happen here; Other/General is for questions, help and tips about what probably happens here but we don't know when, how or where.

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