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Brabus 24.01.2012 11:22

Car towed
Question for any legal experts, please; is your car allowed to be towed if there is no direct marking/warning of this?

Car was parked around our building (semi private property, i.e. not municipal) with the only waring being a fine if parked there (doubled in case of happening again).

Was keeping a close eye on the car to see if there were any complaints or fines left on the windshield but nothing. Next thing i know it had been towed.

Btw this was space not designated for anyone (ie, I was not blocking a private parking)


Jobsrobertsharpii 24.01.2012 11:26

Re: Car towed
Umm... if there was any warning against parking in that space, then you shouldn't park there... Everything else is just throwing the dice... My thoughts are that the private property owner can request to have it towed without any warning.

cricketer 24.01.2012 11:34

Re: Car towed
There are lots of rules in Switzerland. Towing people do not break rules. Ergo they can tow your car.

Sbrinz 24.01.2012 11:44

Re: Car towed
On private property they can get you towed away. Look around for aluminium signs on posts at head height. If you find one they usually state there is no unauthorised parking there, and it is noted by a court judge.

Start thinking of your next post "Charged Fr 180 for being towed! WTF!"

rob1 24.01.2012 11:57

Re: Car towed

Originally Posted by Sbrinz (Post 1467365)
Start thinking of your next post "Charged Fr 180 for being towed! WTF!"

180! try around 350chf :eek: thats what it cost me.

In my case i parked in the wrong space (1 space over) the person whos space it was knew me and the car and lived in the building next to me, knock on the door and say something.. no that would be civil.

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