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ashleyfallis 27.01.2012 17:57

Postal delivery times ( Valentines ) from Scotland, UK to CH
Hello everyone, This is my first post!

I have a question regarding posting times. I want to send a Valentine's card to my girlfriend :msnblush: in Champery but I'm not sure how long it will take to get there. I don't want it to get there too early but obviously also don't want it to get there too late.

Anyone got any ideas when I should post? Whats the post like in Switzerland?

Thank you in advance and also sorry if these questions seem a bit stupid but I'm panicking, it's our first Valentines!


hannah'sauntie 27.01.2012 18:03

Re: Postage?
Are you posting from Glasgow?
Usually from the UK first class letters take about three days, I'd give it three or four and write on the back of the envelope 'not to be opened before the 14th'.
If you are in Switzerland, post with 'A' post , it should arrive the next day.
Hope you have a lovely, romantic Valentine's day. :)

ps Welcome to the forum!

hayleyob 27.01.2012 18:03

Re: Postage?
when i get people to post me stuff from the uk it usually takes 4 days from when they post.... I ordered my card from funky pigeon for hubby and asked to post 8th to get here!

jrspet 27.01.2012 18:04

Re: Postage?
Welcome to the forum, Ashley.

What did Royal Mail say about delivery times ?


I have received mail from the UK, sent by Royal Mail to CH ( SwissPost ) arriving within 4 work days.

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